Duke Model

OA length ~  6.5”

Blade length ~ 3”

SAM Model

OA length ~ 5.25”

Blade length ~  2.25”

The folders that I make are of the liner lock style. I make several models, but the two most popular by far are the Duke and SAM models shown here. The dimensions listed at the top of the two columns are the standard sizes, but each can be scaled up in size. Notice that by varying the blade material, handle material and bolster treatment, a truly unique knife can be designed and created.

Shown with Bloodwood handle, patterned bolsters

Shown with elk handle And jeweled bolsters

Shown with ivory  handles, damascus blade

Shown with elk handle, damascus blade

Shown with snakewood handle, stippled bolsters



My most popular folder is the SAM model. No mysterious acronyms here....just named it after my cat, Sam. These folders are in use all over the world, some as everyday work knives, some as “Sunday-go-to-meeting” knives. They are extremely popular as gifts due to their beauty, functionality and uniqueness. Customizing one with the recipient’s name on the blade makes it truly one of a kind. And, yes, you guessed it: the Duke model is named after my dog, Duke.